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Please follow these steps to heal your piece!

Keep the bandage over night.

The following day, take off your bandage in the shower.

Wash with unscented soap.

Take off all the excess ink from over your tattoo, rub gently with your hands, you need to take off all the excess ointment and ink properly. If need be, wash a second time until there is nothing left over your tattoo.


Dab dry your tattoo with a clean towel, do not rub. Wait 15-20 minutes, if there is some oozing, you need to clean it again. You can take good paper towels (not the recycled ones as they tend to leave pieces of paper on the skin) and wet them a little bit to take off the liquid coming out of your tattoo.


The liquid that is coming out is lymph, this is what comes out when you cut or hurt yourself to make a scab, DO NOT LET DRY OVER THE TATTOO.


You need to check your tattoo every 15 minutes until there is nothing coming out anymore, the reason for this is that if you leave the lymph dry on top of your tattoo, or even excess ink or too much lotion, a thick scab will form. When this happens the tattoo takes much longer to heal and does not heal well as when you move the scabs will crack and take off ink from under your skin, leaving you with white scaring. 


Once you know there is no longer lymph coming out of your tattoo, you let it dry for the day, do not use cream on the first day, do not cover with a bandage again. If you are going to work, cover your ink with clothing, preferably cotton, and something you have washed many times before as sometimes brand new clothing contains dyes that could irritate the new tattoo. Your tattoo is like an open wound, although we need it to dry to heal, you need to make you you keep it clean and dry. Always wash your hand before touching your tattoo.


On the second day, you repeat the first step, you wash it and make sure that there is no liquid coming out of it anymore.

If the tattoo still seems very humid on the second day, let it dry without cream. If on the second day, the tattoo is dry, you did not have to clean it more than once and you have waited 30 minutes, you can start using lotion. Use an unscented lotion that does not contain perfume. I recommend AVEENO UNSCENTED. You can use any white lotion brand that you like unless there is perfume in it. Please look at the ingredients.

Put a THIN layer of cream and make sure to gently rub it COMPLETELY inside your skin, DO NOT LEAVE A THICK LAYER OF CREAM ON THE TATTOO. This will also create a scab. You need to make sure that there is no excess cream on top, use cream 2-3 times a day. In a week or so, the tattoo will start to peel like a sunburn, DO NOT PICK AT IT. It will become itchy, do not scratch, use more lotion if necessary.


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The First Day

On the first day, you should try to keep your piece dry and clean. Avoid using any cream just yet. Make sure no more lymph is coming out of your tattoo. A tattoo is an open wound, please treat it as such and make sure your hands are clean before touching it. Do not expose your tattoo to the sun or any dirt or dust.


The tattoo should heal like a sunburn and flake.If you see anything unusual please contact your tattoo artist to know which steps to take. 

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Special Attention

Your cream should be kept in your bedroom and NOT IN THE BATHROOM. In humid rooms, the cream tends to create bacteria and as your tattoo is an open wound, you want to avoid anything that could cause an infection.

No baths, no tanning and no fake tan over the tattoo until it is completely healed, do not expose your tattoo to the sun in the first month before it settles into your skin, you will make it age prematurely. For the rest of your life you need to wear sunscreen over your tattoo when you go out in the sun. It will keep it from fading too fast!

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